Photos, Music , Videos, and Links are here to offer you an inside look and listen into my work as a musician and band member

You can click on any photo in the slide show and it will stop and enlarge the photo. Many photos are tagged to name the people in the photos. On the “Music” page, if click play under album cover tracks can be played from that CD or session. I hope that the variety, quality and the rarity of the tracks are entertaining to you and I will change tracks on the Home Page player often.
The website is made up of photos and music tracks (Mp3s), and videos from my YouTube Channel named Dan McCann Music Videos.
I generally perform on, own, or have permission to use all the visual and audio materials on the site. The photos are taken in public places that don’t usually require permission.

Look, listen and explore the links. You are welcome to email me with your feedback or information……
If you see something that you would like me to take down then contact me and explain what and why. Same goes for corrections of stated facts, names or places.

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  I live in Henderson, Nevada and I'm a bassist. played with rockabilly music legend and wild guitar player Evan Johns & the H-Bombs

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2024: I retired from playing live music in Austin and moved to Henderson, Nevada. During the recent down time of the pandemic I wrote "Crasher" and recorded it on "GarageBand" with my musical friends in Austin. I hope you enjoy the video, credits listed on the YouTube page.